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February 27 2014


I am Sarah Michelle Gellar, also known as the girl who save the world a lot. Ask me almost anything!

Hi reddit, I'm Sarah Michelle Gellar. Most of you know me from Buffy or Cruel Intentions. But now I'm playing the role I've always been born to play on The Crazy Ones. I'm also doing a charitable campaign with Unilever called Project Sunlight that helps support a bright future for children.

Anyways, Victoria's going to be helping me today. Let's answer some questions!


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Howdy, Unidan here with the team of biologists, collaborating on "Great Adaptations," a children's book about evolution! Help us teach kids about evolution, and Ask Us Anything!

Once again, I'm humbled to be allowed to collaborate with people much, much greater than myself, and I'm extremely happy to bring this project to Reddit, so I think this will be a lot of fun!

"Great Adaptations" is a children's book which aims to explain evolutionary adaptations in a fun and easy way. It will contain ten stories, each one written by author and evolutionary biologist Dr. Tiffany Taylor, who is working with each scientist to best relate their research and how it ties in to evolutionary concepts. Even better, each story is illustrated by a wonderful dream team of artists including James Monroe, Zach Wienersmith (from SMBC comics) and many more!

For parents or sharp kids who want to know more about the research talked about in the story, each scientist will also provide a short commentary on their work within the book, too!

Today we're joined by:

  • Dr. Tiffany Taylor (tiffanyevolves), Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and evolutionary biologist at the University of Reading. She has done her research in the field of genetics, and is the author of "Great Adaptations" who will be working with the scientists to relate their research to the kids!

  • Dr. David Sloan Wilson (davidswilson), Distinguished Professor at Binghamton University in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Anthropology who works on the evolution of altruism.

  • Dr. Anne Clark (AnneBClark), a behavioral ecologist and associate professor at Binghamton University who turned her work towards American crows after researching various social behaviors in various birds and mammals. Her section of the book will be on crow intelligence.

  • Kelly Weinersmith (sciencegal), from University of California Davis, who is researching host-parasite relationships

  • Ben Eisenkop (Unidan), from Binghamton University, an ecosystem ecologist working on his PhD concerning nitrogen biogeochemical cycling.

We will be appearing and disappearing throughout the day (due to needing to teach classes and attend meetings), but we will try to answer your questions as best as we can!

We hope to have another AMA in the future when the other collaborators are available (as you can imagine, it's difficult to find a time when everyone is free), so stay tuned! Dr. Clark and I will be answering now and the rest of our team will join us at 1 PM as scheduled.

If you're interested in supporting "Great Adaptations," please check out our Kickstarter which many of you have already graciously donated to, so thank you again!

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